Floral Bouquet – Garden DIY


A flower garden is as important to me as a garden full of fresh vegetables.  Just two packets of seed, Zinnias and Sunflowers for $1.49 each.  After some love and care the seedlings become:  Summerlasting beauty.  An oasis for my honey bees and other creatures alike.  A colorful backdrop in the “Forest of Dill.”  A place that gives “cut-and-come-agains” a true meaning.  A garden for our gnomes to hide and our fairies to play!  A place my daughter wants to nurture.  A piece of living art I watch from germination till death.

I love my flower gardens and make sure to plant one every Spring.



What’s your favorite flower to grow?  To buy or recieve?  Favorite floral scent?  Style of bouquet?  ….Rustic?  Romantic?  Nosegay?  Hand-tied?

Bizarre!!  They all came from a seedling.  Have you ever thought of planting a flower garden in the Springtime and watching it grow?


If you’re having a wedding or event in mid-late summer this is the WAY. TO. GO. Growing your own bouquets 🙂



A rogue patch of Zinnias. ❤



Two varieties freshly cut. ^^



A pair of honey bees at work on a Sunflower^^

And a grasshopper’s butt 😀


Belle and I took two vases to the garden and cut enough flowers to fill one vase full of Sunflowers and one of Zinnias.



I’m going to configure rustic bouquets for a party we’re having. 🙂

”Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.  Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.”  – ❤



Whenever I do this I buy filler flowers from the grocery store.  I spent $4.00 on a bouquet of Baby’s Breath.



And $6.00 on a bouquet of Charmelia.  I chose charmelia because it lives in a vase for up to three weeks.  That’s 21 days people!!



Bonus!  Grocery store flowers come with free flower food.  If you don’t have free flower food you can use a crushed aspirin instead.



Start by filling your vases with water.

I’d say I’m eclectic in the decorating department.  For flower “vases” I used a rope handled jar, a milk glass, a slender vase, and a wide vase.



Cut the baby’s breath stems to fit the size of your vases.



Next do the same with the Charmelia.

Already lookin’ good!



Then the Sunflowers.



And lastly the Zinnias.

The largest bouquet was the centerpiece of the charcuterie board.

Then I placed them around the house before the party.  Hi Guys!!! 😀



A vase on an end table…




One next to the Wine bar…



And by the party game.



I had extras so I made a 5th bouquet that wasn’t shown in my pictures.  It cost me $10 to decorate the party with fresh floral arrangements.

The best part is that my flower garden wasn’t phased a bit.



Not a bit!…. still looks the same!  🙂

Floral Bouquets – Garden DIY

  • Fresh Cut Garden flowers
  • Baby’s Breath Bouquet (grocery)
  • Charmelia Bouquet (or similar in price from grocery)
  • Vases with water
  • Flower food or aspirin
  • Scissors

Assemble to your liking. 🙂 ❤ xoxo

Author: farmtotabletosoul

Hello, I'm so glad you're here! My name is Tara and I created this blog as a creative outlet for myself but also in hopes that I could inspire others like you. Please stick around and re-imagine your creative side. There's plenty of recipes and DIY ideas to check out if you're willing! _______________________________________________________________________________ About Me: I'm a 36 year old energetic wife and mother. I have a vivid imagination and bold sense of humor. I love to cook, bake and create. ☺️

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  1. The flowers are so pretty and your pictures look amazing! I hope you don’t mind me asking what kind of camera you used for them?

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  2. Aww wow 😲 it takes amazing pictures! I think I’m going to start saving for one because it beats having to carry around those big heavy expensive ones 😫 thank you so much!


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