Pioneer Woman Pots de Creme

Oh my sweet sweet pots de creme, let me confess my love!  It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you. ❤



Maybe you’ve noticed I’m all about SIMPLE home cooking.  I’ve spent countless hours researching recipes looking for what I believe to be the best version, taking into account if it’s simple enough to throw into the rotation.  If it passes the test, I stick it in my recipe arsenal and it stays there… Forever. 🙂

This is one of those recipes.  Ree Drummond, ‘The Pioneer Woman,’ perfected Pots de Creme in the simplest way she possibly could.  It’s awesome and I love it SO MUCH.



Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Pots…  de…  Creme?  Is that French?  Fancy porcelain dishes?  Culinary school?!  Difficulty??” 

“Not interested!”

Let me stop you right there.  This requires 5 ingredients and only takes 15 minutes to make.

If you have coffee, chocolate chips, eggs, vanilla and salt,  you’re in business. 🙂



A blender helps too.


To start:  Pour everything except the coffee into a blender.

Note:  It’s important that the eggs are room temp.





If needed, scrape down the sides.



Now slowly pour in the boiling hot coffee.

Note:  It’s important that your coffee is PIPING HOT.  This is how you temper, aka cook, the eggs.



Blend again and.. Done. 🙂



Pour into dessert bowls, cover, and refrigerate for a few hours to help the custardy goodness set.

This is where “pots” comes into play.  You can pour it into cute little serving pots and pretend it’s fancy if you want to!



“Who cares what the question is if Chocolate is always the answer!” ☺️😏


Being that it’s a rich dessert I suggest covering the heck out of it with whipped cream.  The light airiness of the cream compliments the chocolate well.

I hope you’ll enjoy impressing your friends!

You can find the VERY EASY recipes here:

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