Cozy Chair Corner

Do you have an awkward corner in your home?  Maybe in the living room or master bedroom?  I can help you fix it.  All you need is a chair, a small table, and a few pieces of decor that fit your style. 🙂

I have an empty corner in my master bedroom that’s turned into a collecting place. I’ve been meaning to update it for quite some time but life gets…..well…. really busy.

I figured since I began my website it was time I made this a cute and cozy place where I can go to relax and draft articles for my blog.  (Like I’m doing RIGHT NOW!) 🙂


This is what I’m talking about.  Bleh.



I’m going to start by adding a tufted accent chair, and building everything up around it.

I tried to find a real leather club chair that I liked but I couldn’t find one unless I was willing to pay anywhere from seven hundred to a thousand bucks!  Whaaa??



You should have a side table or something you can put your drink on… even one of those ceramic gardening stools would work.

I chose a raw wood table because I love the feel of naturals in my home. ❤



Next I added a plant.  I’m definitely a “plant lady” 😉

I chose a bright red ceramic pot to give a big pop of color.  It works well with the “exposed brick.”



Then I hung a piece of art on the wall.  I hung it lower than I usually would to tie into the corner.

Did I mention that I love horses?  They’re my favorite animal on the planet.  This picture is stunning… and it has a raw wood frame to tie in with the table.



Now a couple pieces of decor.  The candle fits in with my “cozy” theme.



And a soft blankie to wrap up in.  Annnnddd, my “work” stuff … but you and I know that’s just for show. 😉



Here it is!  Ta-daaaaa!!!










I wish she was mine 🙂






As a whole.






And After

One thing I’ve learned about Interior Design is that you can make a space into anything you want.  It’s all about making it feel like the space you thought it was destined to be.



I’m sitting here drafting this article right now!  It’s a very inviting place.  I hope I’ve inspired you in some way today. 🙂 xoxo

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Author: farmtotabletosoul

Hello, I'm so glad you're here! My name is Tara and I created this blog as a creative outlet for myself but also in hopes that I could inspire others like you. Please stick around and re-imagine your creative side. There's plenty of recipes and DIY ideas to check out if you're willing! _______________________________________________________________________________ About Me: I'm a 36 year old energetic wife and mother. I have a vivid imagination and bold sense of humor. I love to cook, bake and create. ☺️

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  1. this is so cute and cozy! i am also a plant kind of girl. i’m on the market to get a nice big one but i can’t find anywhere where big plants aren’t overpriced, any recommendations?

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