Who doesn’t love pumpkins?!

“I spilled my Pumpkin Spice Latte, and now a bunch of ants are making brunch plans and doing yoga.”

Pumpkins are one of the best plants to grow and harvest so I’m going to start with reasons why growing pumpkins might be right for you!:

  • You have the growing space
  • You have children or grandchildren
  • You’re a large child yourself 😀
  • You like pumpkins for their many uses
  • You don’t like paying for pumpkins at the store

Their uses are endless whether you grow them for carving, decorating, or cooking.  They are fun for kids and adults and never disappoint at harvest time.



You can carve them…



Paint them…



Decorate with them…



Create a Vignette with them…



Humiliate them…  😎


image courtesy of Food Network

And even cook with them…………………Yum!



Taking note of the following tips will help you successfully grow pumpkins, and once you start you won’t want to stop growing them in your future gardens!:

  1. Full Sunlight – plant in a location that gets 6+ hours of sunlight every day
  2. Rich Soil – pumpkins are heavy feeders so provide a nutrient rich soil and fertilize often to see them thrive
  3. Lots of Water – continuously moist but well drained soil is a must
  4. Space – if you don’t have the growing space choose a small variety like “Jack-Be-Little” that can train up a trellis or run along a fence
  5. Time – pumpkins can take up to 120 days to fully mature – sowing seeds directly in the ground is best, but if your zone is cooler start the seedlings indoors
  6. Bees & Flowers – bees pollinate the large flowers on the pumpkin vine so planting flowers nearby will attract more bees to your garden

Here are some pictures of past gardens so you can see some of the varieties:


Pumpkin plants just getting started underneath a trellis.
Honey bees at work!
Flower ready for pollination.
The ‘Big Max’ variety
The ‘White Casper’ variety
The ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ variety
The ‘Jack-Be-Little’ variety.


The ‘Triple Treat’ variety.
We pick them at the same time as the Butternut Squash
Fresh picked front porch decor!
More Big Max!
The kids, especially my youngest, LOVE harvesting pumpkins and winter squash at the end of the season. 🙂
The ‘Big Max’ variety at its finest! 🙂


A brief description of varieties I’ve tried so far:

  • Burpee Jack Be Little – 3″ across and 2″ high, perfect for decorating
  • Burpee Halloween Blend – 50% ‘Jack O’ Lantern’ and 50% ‘White Casper’
  • Burpee Big Max – Huge pumpkins up to 70″ around!
  • Burpee Triple Treat – For pies, seeds and carving 🙂
  • Burpee Jack O’ Lantern – Best for carving

Two “exotic” varieties I’m growing this summer are ‘Jarrahdale’ and ‘Rouge Vif d’Etampes.’  Jarrahdale comes from New Zealand and the pumpkin has blueish-green skin.  Rouge Vif d’Etampes is the stunning scarlet pumpkin that inspired the artist who drew Cinderella’s coach.  ❤

There are others I hope to try in the future like ‘Porcelain Princess Hybrid,’ a deeply ribbed hybrid with pinkish-orange skin, and ‘Musquee de Provence,’ a favorite among chefs.  They are all unique looking and would make great Fall decorations.  Some sound tasty too!

I hope this article inspired you to try pumpkins in your garden too!  xoxo


Author: farmtotabletosoul

Thanks for joining me! Good company always shortens the journey so I'm glad you're here. My name is Tara Benson and I'm 33 years young. I'm an energetic wife and mother with a wild imagination and a bold sense of humor. Consider me 100% right brained. I love music, art, interior design, gardening, baking, cooking, creating and hobby farming. I'm married to the best husband, Jason. It's safe to say we're opposites in many ways, but get along GREAT. We have two very intelligent and loving children, Owen (10) and Belle (4). I come from a huge family with three brothers, one sister and about a thousand others in the extended version. I'm also a mother to a mixed herd of animals (13 and counting...). I work in the mortgage industry from my home office. In 2015, my husband and I bought a 13 acre farm on the eastern plains of Colorado. We decided to live out our dreams and make the best of our lives for ourselves and our children. We want to teach them that hard work and creativity will always payoff at the end of the day. So welcome! Stick around a while and make yourself at home. -Tara

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