Cotton Candy Candy Candy Cones


This is hands down the easiest “dessert” I’ve made for a party, and I mean ever in the history of parties!  All I did was put cotton candy into ice cream cones and tie them up in cellophane bags.  Then I sat myself back and indulged in some cotton candy…. and maybe some wine too.  Turns out ‘pink’ pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc.  😉

If you’re looking for a fun treat and need it FAST, look no further!  Not only were these easy to make, they were clever, CHEAP, and the kids loved them!

3 oz. Cotton candy = $2

12 pack cones = $1

Cellophane bags = $1

Twine/Ribbon & Scissors = you should have this stuff, I mean, c’mon… this is a DIY blog 🙂



Such a cute and sweet addition to the treat table at my daughter’s 5th birthday party, the ‘Magical Sweet Shoppe.’



The ingredients and supplies, all 5 of them.



Some instances when cotton candy cones come in handy:

  • Sweet shoppe themed party
  • Carnival themed party
  • Ice cream themed party
  • Summertime party
  • For a bake sale
  • For a garage sale
  • To sell at the lemonade stand (yes, we have one… do you??)
  • Any day of the week because cotton candy is delicious!




“Cotton Candy Candy Candy because life is Sweet!”


Cotton Candy Candy Candy Cones

  • 12 pack Cake Cups or Ice Cream Cones
  • 2-3 oz. Cotton Candy, two colors preferred
  • 12 pack Cellophane Wrappers
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Scissors

Stuff each cone with a bit of cotton candy and then form two “scoops” out of the different colors.  Firmly stack the scoops onto each other.  Wrap each cone in a cellophane bag and tie the end tightly so no air escapes.  It took me 15 minutes to make one dozen cones.

That’s it, enjoy!  😎


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