3 Ingredient Dog Treats



THREE INGREDIENT RECIPES ARE THE BEST!  But you know what’s even better?!

ONE ingredient recipes!!

Just kidding.

‘Three ingredient’ recipes make me nervous.  When I see them on Pinterest I rightfully assume they’re lacking in flavor/vanilla extract/seasonings/etc.

On the contrary, I feel opposite about my dog’s food:  The less ingredients, the better.

That being said, this dog treat recipe is a keeper!! 🙂 

Unless your dogs went on the Paleo diet …. like Jennifer Cavarra’s furry friends.

*clears throat* 



Anyway –

Meet Copper, my Beagle.

He got his paws on some of these treats and he LOVES them!

I quadrupled the batch so I’d have enough to refill his treat tin, and gift them to several friends with dogs.  I knocked this out in about an hour.

They’re “beginner-level” easy to make. 🙂



The good news for me:  I always keep chicken stock and vegetable oil in my pantry, and I just happened to have whole wheat flour!

The only real purchase I made was a cheap dog bone shaped cookie cutter from Amazon:  Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

… and that’s completely unnecessary!  Any old cookie cutter will do. 🙂




Start by mixing all three ingredients together.



Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface…



Cut out shapes…



And bake!

That’s it!



My kitchen smelled like chicken noodle soup while they were baking LOL!

I mean… they are safe for human consumption…

But probably lacking in all those aforementioned flavors and seasonings!



So Christmas and New Year’s are around the corner… will you be baking cookies or treats?  Do you have dogs?  How about your friends and family, do they have dogs?

If so, pick up a bag of whole wheat flour and chicken broth while you’re gathering your other baking ingredients and throw these bad boys into the mix (unless your dog went Paleo).

They are a really unique and fun gift to give to your best friends, and THEIR best friends!  Enjoy!  xoxo

You can find the VERY EASY recipe here:

3 Ingredient Dog Treats


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

– Josh Billings

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